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Japan marketting Plasticizer calcium lignosulfonate for maki

  • Lignosulfonates

    The single largest use for lignosulfonates is as plasticizers in making concrete, where they allow concrete to be made with less water (giving stronger concrete) while maintaining the ability of the concrete to flow. Lignosulfonates are also used during the production of cement, where they act as grinding aids in the cement mill and as a rawmix

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  • Lignosulfonates Market Size - Industry Share Analysis

    Lignosulfonates Market, By Product. It is the most commercialized product, which is primarily preferred in concrete admixtures as a plasticizer and pellet binder in animal feed. Sodium lignosulfonates market share is projected to experience gains more than

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  • Calcium Lignosulfonate

    Uses. 1.Calcium lignosulfonate used as water reduction in concrete. Calcium lignosulofnate superplasticizer is a surface-active agent, added to the concrete, due to the orientation of hydrophobic groups adsorbed on cement particle surface, so that a negative charge of cement.

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