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Japan marketting epoxy fatty acid methyl ester Efficient pla

  • Low-price eco-friendly plasticizer dop dbp substitute

    Jiaao Enprotech is one of the top level China EFAME manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are always able to offer you best low-price eco-friendly plasticizer dop dbp substitute epoxy fatty acid methyl ester efame j108 from factory products.

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  • An efficient bio-based plasticizer for poly (vinyl

    An efficient bio-based plasticizer for poly (vinyl chloride) from waste cooking oil and citric acid: Synthesis and evaluation in PVC films Author links open overlay panel Guodong Feng a b Lihong Hu a Yan Ma a Puyou Jia a Yun Hu a Meng Zhang a c Chengguo Liu a Yonghong Zhou a b d

    • Cited by: 11
    • Publish Year: 2018
    • Author: Guodong Feng, Lihong Hu, Yan Ma, Puyou Jia, Yun Hu, Meng Zhang, Chengguo Liu, Yonghong Zhou
  • Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester(EFAME)|Novista

    Non-toxic and environment friendly PVC Plasticizer as secondary,light yellow vicious oily liquid and odorless at normal temperature,successively processing methyl ester which is made from natural soybean oil for esterification and oxidation.Compared with ESBO,it is not only can completely or partially substitute the main plasticizer like DOP/DBP/DINP...etc.Significantly improve the physical property

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  • Epoxy ester plasticizer - ZhangJia Gang YaRui Chemical Co

    Epoxy ester plasticizer is widely used in recent years. Epoxy ester plasticizer not only absorbs hydrogen chloride released from PVC resin when decomposing, but also dissolves with PVC resin, so epoxy ester plasticizer is both plasticizer and stabilizer.

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  • Research Article 100 Synthesis and Characterization

    polymerization. Then acetyl polyglycerol unsaturated fatty acid ester (APE) was prepared by esterification reaction. Finally, a non-toxic PVC plasticizer was prepared by epoxidation reaction, in the condition of the p-toluene sulfonic acid (P-TsOH) as catalyst, not using any solvent and sulfuric acid…

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  • Epoxy fatty acid ester plasticizers. Preparation and

    Epoxy fatty acid esters are excellent plasticizers for vinyl resins. Their performance in a series of additional epoxy plasticizers of vegetable and marine origin is described. Novel epoxy plasticizers based upon mixed acetylated mono- and di-glyceride have been prepared and are found to have excellent plasticizer performance.